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I was always at home during the pandemic. We have been very
careful because my grandfather is 87 and he is living with us.
I have read many kinds of books, some of those; Katre-i Matem,
Tanrı’nın kırbacı Atilla, Tanrı’nın unutulan çocukları. When I’m
bored I was brawling with my old brother and he was beating
I had trouble about understanding the lessons. Distance Learning
was too hard for me, some teachers gave very hard homeworks.
We had to learn subjects which we don’t understand. Thanks to
My oldest brother, I fixed this issues. Because he is a Math
Teacher so he always helps me.
Sometimes, I had trouble about finding a computer so I borrowed
it from my friend. This process was harder than a normal term
for me. But of course it has some advantages. We spent time
with our family, we spent time for ourselves, we understood the
value of what we have, We had a chance to do activities which
we couldn’t do before.
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