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Yab Dil I

Ege University
School of Foreign Languages
Foreign Language I Exemption Exam (Sample)
1. They _____ French. They’re from Italy.
a. are
b. is
c. isn’t
d. aren’t
2. _____’s your first name?
a. Who
b. What
c. How
d. Where
3. These are your pens and _____ are mine.
a. those
b. this
c. it
d. that
4. I love music but I _____ like TV.
a. do
b. does
c. doesn’t
d. don’t
5. _____ she like sport?
a. Do
b. Does
c. Is
d. --6. When _____ have dinner?
a. is he
b. he’s
c. do he
d. does he
7. Do you like _____ DVDs?
a. watch
b. watches
c. watching
d. to watching
8. They start _____ work at 8.00 in the morning.
a. to
b. at
c. --d. the
9. Can’s _____ name is Murat
a. brother’s
b. sister’s
c. sister is
d. mother’s
10. She’s very friendly but she _____ very quiet.
a. never is
b. ‘s often
c. often is
d. never
11. He hasn’t got _____ brothers and sisters.
a. some
b. a
c. the
d. any
12. How many children ___ got?
a. they’ve
b. have they
c. they
d. do they
13. There are a lot of CDs on the _____?
a. cupboard
b. sink
c. shelves
d. kitchen
14. _____ a sofa and two armchairs in the living room.
a. It’s
b. There’s
c. There have
d. There are
15. Are there _____ wardrobes in the bedroom?
a. any
b. some
c. the
d. a
16. The cinema is _____ the bank.
a. next
b. in front
c. opposite
d. under
17. Can I have a _____ of milk, please?
a. bar
b. jar
c. box
d. bottle
18. You _____ buy shoes in a post office.
a. can to
b. can’t
c. can
d. are
19. How _____ vegetables do you eat every day?
a. many
b. long
c. more
d. much
Bu sorular örnek soru tiplerini yansıtmaktadır. Gerçek sınavda soru sayısı farklılık göstermektedir.
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