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J-0. I don't feel like crying more than usual.
Dear answerer, the sentences in groups are given below.
First of all, carefully read the sentences in each group and
choose the sentence that best describes how you
felt in the LAST WEEK INCLUDING TODAY. If there
is more than one sentence describing your situation and
feelings in a group, mark each one by circling.
Your sincere and honest answers to the questions
are extremely important in terms of the scientific quality
of the research. Many thanks for your scientific
contribution and help.
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A- 0. I do not feel sad and distressed.
1. I feel sad and distressed.
2. I am always sad and distressed. I can't
get rid of it.
3. I am so sad and distressed that I can't stand
it anymore.
B-0. I am not unhappy and pessimistic about the future.
1. I am pessimistic about the future.
2. There is nothing I expect from the future.
3. I am hopeless about my future and it feels like nothing is
going to improve.
C- 0. I don't see myself as an unsuccessful person. 1. I feel
like I have more failures than most people around me.
1. I feel like crying from time to time. 2. I cry
most of the time.
3. I used to be able to cry, now I can't cry even
if I wanted to.
K-0. I'm no more angry now than I always have been.
1. I get
angry or angry more easily than before. 2. Now
I am always
3. Things that once annoyed me don't bother me at all
L. 0. I have not lost my desire to meet and talk with
1. I want to talk to other people less than before.
2. I have not lost my desire to talk and meet with
3. I don't want to talk to anyone.
M. 0. I can make decisions as easily as I used to.
1. I can't make decisions as easily as I used to.
2. I have a lot of difficulty in making decisions
compared to before.
3. I can't make any decisions anymore.
N- 0. When I look at myself in the mirror, I do not
see any change.
1. I feel like I've gotten older and uglier.
2. I feel that my appearance has changed a lot and I
have become ugly.
3. I find myself very ugly.
O- 0. I can work as well as before.
1. I have to make an effort to be able to do something.
2. When I look back, I see that it was full of failures.
2. I have to push myself hard to do anything.
3. I consider myself a total failure.
3. I can't do anything.
D- 0. I enjoy many things as much as I used to.
1. I don't like everything the way I used to.
2. Nothing gives me full pleasure anymore.
3. I get bored of everything.
E- 0. I don't feel guilty in any way.
P-0. I can sleep well as usual.
1. I can't sleep as well as I used to.
2. I wake up 1-2 hours earlier than usual and cannot fall
back asleep.
3. I wake up much earlier than usual and cannot go back to
1. I feel guilty at times. 2. I often feel guilty.
3. I always feel guilty.
F-0. It seems to me that I have been punished.
1. I feel like I can be punished.
2. I am waiting to be punished.
3. I feel punished.
G-0. I am satisfied with myself.
1. I am not very satisfied with myself.
2. I am very angry with myself.
3. I hate myself.
H-0. I don't think I'm worse than others. I criticize myself for
my weaknesses or mistakes.
2. I always blame myself for my mistakes.
R-0. I don't get tired faster than usual.
1. I get tired more quickly than usual.
2. Everything I do makes me tired.
3. I feel too tired to do almost anything.
Q-0. My appetite is as usual. 1. my
appetite is not as good as usual. 2. My
appetite has decreased a lot.
3. I have no appetite anymore.
T- 0. I haven't lost weight recently. 1. I
lost more than two kilos.
2. I lost more than four kilos.
3. I am trying to lose more than six kilos.
Yes No ...
P- 0. I don't have thoughts of killing myself.
1. I sometimes think of killing myself.
But I don't.
U- 0. My health doesn't worry me much.
1. Aches, pains, upset stomach or constipation do not
worry me.
2. Since my health worries me, it becomes difficult to
think about other things.
3. I'm so worried about my health that I can't think of
anything else.
2. I would like to kill myself.
3. I would kill myself if I had the chance.
V-0. Recently, my interest in sexual matters has changed.
3. I find myself wrong in the face of every setback.