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Shakespeare was (1) an English poet and playwright. He created(2) unique works
throughout his lifetime. One of them was(3) Romeo and Juliet. Worldwide known
artists and actresses have staged(4) this play for years. The play is(5) the story of two
lovers. However, their families are (6)enemies. Therefore, they can’t come(7)
together. The story tells(8) us that true love can’t live(9) in this wild world, because
the lovers die(10)at the end of the play. The play also presents(11) an interesting
reflection of dark and light. For example, the lovers meet (12) with each other at
night. There is (13) a peaceful atmosphere. However, the families fight(14) every
morning. There is (15)a chaos. It shows (16)us that the love is (17)private and chaos
is (18)public. Romeo and Juliet was (19)a mirror of our world for centuries and it has
protected(20) its power with its theme and language.
A) became b) was c) be
A) writing b) makes c) created
A) are b) were c) was
A) have staged B) presented c) show
A) is b) are c) were
A) was b) are c) have been
A) shouldn’t come b) can’t come c) doesn’t come
A) narrate b) explained c)tells
A) can’t live b) shouldn’t last c) mustn’t exist
10. A) death b) have died c) die
11. A)presents b)show c)displayed
12. A) meet b) meets c) meeting
13. A) was b) were c) is
14. A) struggling b) fight c) argues
15. A) is b) was c) were
16. A) shows b)told c) has presenting
17. A) was b) is c) has been
18. A) was b) is c) has been
19. A) was b) is c) has been
20. A)has protected b) protect c) protected
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