CENG494 : Special Topics: Object

CENG494 : Special Topics: Object-Oriented Programming with Java
What is Java? Java Applications.
OOP concepts. Basics of defining classes and objects. UML diagrams.
Java language elements. Operators and expressions.
System class and simple I/O
Selection : if, if-else, switch Iteration: for, while, do-while
Writing methods and defining method parameters
System, String, StringBuffer, Math, Wrapper classes and their methods.
Constructors and set-get methods. Using this operator. Overloading constructors and methods.
Arrays. Classes and Inheritance. Polymorphism
Exceptions and I/O streams
Introduction to GUI programming, applets
JAVA : How to Program by Deitel & Deitel
JAVA: The Complete Reference by Herberd Schildt
JAVA Programming by D.S.Malik
OOP Programming with Java by C. Thomas Wu
Java Yazılım Tasarımı , Altuğ B. Altıntaş
Java Programming by Joyce Farrel
Many resources on Internet
Tentative grading : Midterm (35%), Final (45%) and HWs + (HWs, attend.)Project(s)
Prerequisite : CENG220 or CENG230
Tuesday 11:40 - 12:30 BMB4
Thursday 13:40 - 15:30 BMB4
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