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Hi, My name is Gaz Rutter, and I’ve been passionate about photography since I
left School over 35 years ago! I’m showing my age here
When I left school I started working for Kodak and was their chief developer
and spent many happy years there until digital cameras literally killed their
business model. I also started very early in my career to run my own
professional photography business, mainly taking on wedding and party
However, since I was 16 years old, I've always had a passion for taking pictures
and I am very rarely seen without my camera.
Since the late 1980s, I've built up a massive collection of high-definition images
that I've mostly collected as a hobby. However, my good friend John Thornhill
who is an Internet Marketer informed me that these pictures are too good to
keep to myself and he has convinced me to release them so others can benefit
from them.
Sadly Gaz is no longer with us, but his images remain his legacy and all his proceeds will go to his
I've Painstakingly Hand Selected The Very
Best Of My Images From My ENTIRE Collection
To Produce The ProtoGraphy Vault.
You probably already know that no matter what you do online,
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ProtoGraphy Vault will make that a breeze. These images will
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The ProtoGraphy Vault is a mega-collection of literally the best
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beautiful images taken from all over the world. These are
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