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Zenfira Mammadzada
Dilbar Madatli
Ceyhun Mammadov
Vision Statement:
Creating a magical and enchanting coffee
experience inspired by the world of Hogwarts.
Providing a unique and immersive atmosphere
where customers can feel like they're part of the
wizarding world
Offering exceptional quality coffee, delicious treats,
and exceptional customer service
Our coffee shop will be in a loft style,
quiet environment, suitable for work.
The drinks offered by our coffee shop will be
only traditional coffees and cookies.
CoffeShop’s theme will be “Hogwarts”.
Our target customer type is people who work
freelance, students, people who work on any
work with their laptop or notebook, people
who do business meetings.
Our general goal is for people to be able to
do the things they want in a comfortable and
friendly environment while enjoying the
delicious coffee.
Mission Statement: To provide a wider range of
experiences that go beyond just coffee, bringing
the magic of Hogwarts to life
Offering a diverse menu of coffee beverages,
delicious treats, and magical surprises.
Engaging customers through themed events,
workshops, and collaborations that promote
creativity and a sense of belonging.
Customer experience
Customers say that ours is the first coffeeshop in
Baku that fits this concept.
They describe it as a place where they can
comfortably do their work, quiet, at the same time
Students are satisfied with the compatibility of
Interactive elements and experiences that allow
customers to feel like they are part of the
wizarding world.
Striving for excellence in
every aspect of our
coffee shop, from the
quality of our coffee to
the customer service
Encouraging imagination
and creativity through our
themed decor, events, and
interactive elements
Creating a welcoming and
inclusive environment
where everyone feels
valued and accepted,
regardless of their
background or interests,
Feel themselves as in the
real world of Hogwarts
and Regulatory Compliance
Legal Steps
1.We approach the nearest Asan Service Center and buy an "asan number" for 18 AZN.
2. After getting the “asan number" (18 azn), the next task is to find an accountant.
All reports, payments (bank transfers that you will make here in the coffee shop,
salary payments of employees if they have cards, registration and
withdrawal of employees, labor concluding and canceling the contract, etc.
transactions are included, the rest of the steps can be clarified by talking to the accountant)
tax payments are also included here
(physical as a person for payments to be made from the monthly turnover (2%)
and for the rent of the property paid tax payment,
employee insurance payment (22%), etc.)
Legal Steps
3. In addition to the tax issue, it can be entered into the cash register. We use the Azsmart cash register
and the monthly fee
. is 15 AZN. When we bought the device, we paid 420 AZN. Bank is applied for card
payments. You can get a pos terminal either in cash (750 AZN) or with installment payment.
4. After the ASAN number is activated, we apply to the advertising agency (COPAT). We go here and
officially register our logo and name. Our name, which will be printed on the door, is registered here
and the fee is determined and measured after calculating the dimensions of the advertisement
according to the dimensions of the advertisement.
The fee is paid to 2 places: to the State (20 AZN) and to ADRA (220 AZN).
5. After applying to COPAT, if you don't want someone else to buy and copy your logo, you approach
here together with the author of the logo. Then, if they give a positive opinion, you are officially
registered. (Located behind Government House)
1. Maximum rent of 3k will be more convenient for a beginner.
2. We will pay tax on the rent specified in the
contract with the landlord. (14% of the rental price)
3. If you have agreed with the owner of the rent for a good price,
for example 2k, then it is advisable to conclude the contract for
a minimum of 3 years. If the price is high but the location is
suitable, then you can conclude it for 1 or 2 years.
4. After the location and price are agreed upon,
the notary goes to the notary and the official contract is signed.
Initial Expenses
1. Of the coffee equipment, the coffee machine and grinder are the most
expensive things.
You can find a coffee machine for 1,500-6,000, and a grinder for 400-1,500.
2. The cost of assembling the bar is 8,000 AZN if it is a professional bar,
and 1,000 AZN if it is a simple bar.
3. Equipment varies depending on the varieties you want to buy. But
basically, it will cost between 800-2800. Here: Crystal, decorative glasses,
teapot, candy bowl, shaker, muddler, bar spoon, powder, pitcher, cleaning
Advertisements must be posted on Instagram 1 month
before the location opens.
A monthly advertising budget should be created.
We can control it at SMM or ourself.
We decided to hire an SMM employee.
Monthly salary of SMM employee: 250 AZN.
Business Planning
Monthly Report on Sales
An average of 40 customers come to our
coffeeshop every day. On average, 10 of them
order latte, 15 cappuccino, 5 Americano, 5
Espresso and 5 tea (with cake).
On average, 24 kilograms of milk, 2 kilograms
of Brazilian coffee, 5 kilograms of tea, and 40
packs of napkins are used per month.
Products that we use
Milk- Milla
(2 AZN for 1kg)
Coffee BeansBrazil Dulce
(32 AZN for 1kg)
(18 AZN for 1kg)
Income Statement
Sales: An average of 40 customers come to our coffeeshop
every day. On average, 10 of them order latte, 15
cappuccino, 5 Americano, 5 Espresso and 5 tea (with cake).
Monthly usage (Inventory beginning and Purchases) :
On average, 24 kilograms of milk, 2 kilograms of Brazilian
coffee, 5 kilograms of tea, and 40 packs of napkins are used
per month.
Rent: We rent a place which costs us 3000 AZN per month.
Tax: We paid 20% Income Tax.
Wages: We are going to hire 1 Barista and 1 housekeeper
and 1 Accountant. Their wages are going to be 300 AZN, 250
AZN, 300 AZN per month, respectively.
Utilities: Electricity-550 AZN,Internet-50 AZN,Water-80 AZN
Balance Sheet
Cash Flow
Location Selection
Market Analysis:Location
First, we will open a coffee shop near the 28
may metro station, There are two coffeeshops
nearby. One is small, with few customers,
CoffeeRoasters, and the other is our main
competitor, CoffeeLea, which already has own
customer base.
As I said, since our target customers are
businesspeople and students, we choose this
location, considering that there are many
workplaces and universities (ASOIU, Baku
Music Academy etc. ) around.
Menu and Offerings
Menu and Offerings
A wide selection of handcrafted coffee
beverages inspired by Hogwarts houses and
Delicious pastries, snacks, and desserts that
capture the essence of the wizarding world.
Seasonal and limited edition offerings to
keep customers engaged and excited.
Menu and Offerings
---4 AZN
Americano ---5 AZN
Cappuccino ---5 AZN
---6 AZN
---3 AZN
---3 AZN
(service charge: %5)
Milestones and Future Plans
Milestone 1
launch of the
Hogwarts Theme
Coffee Shop,
creating a buzz
in the community
Milestone 2
Establishing a
loyal customer
base and
receiving positive
feedback on the
experience we
Milestone 3
Expanding our
presence by
branches in other
cities and
Milestones and Future Plans
In addition to increasing the number of
branches, our future plan will be to
enrich the types of products we sell.
However, the main goal is not to
increase the number of species,
but to diversify the species to
marginality. Like buying exotic coffees
from different countries. We want to
distribute our branches to places
around the university.
We aim to host Hogwarts themed
parties, collaborating with Warner Bros.
and other Harry Potter-related entities
to create exclusive merchandise and
Thank you for joining us
on this magical journey!
Together, let's create a wider impact
and make our Hogwarts Theme
Coffee ShopPotions &Latte an unforgettable