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Means explanation to show how to use or do something
means improve the category of something.
is fixed cost that does not change.
-flat charge
There is a business centre from 9 am to 5 pm.
-at our guest’ disposal
is public display of products or Works of art.
means convince a client to purchase an upgraded service
Special price offered to busninesses is
-corporate rate
Vegetarian ---- are also available.
the small conference room is able to ---- up a maximum of 100 delegates.
Person who tries to protect the environment is ----conservationist
the flight departures board said that our flight was leaving from ___ 63
--- bags that do not go in the passenger cabin.
-checked baggage
---is are where passengers wait.
-departure lounge
---is a long journey to a dangerous place
The system how all plants and animals relate to each other is
There is a ---- of conference equipment.
-full range
--is environmentally-friendly tourism
The flight attendant asked to see our --- passes as we entered the plane
Some rooms are ---- satellite Tv, pay Tv, direct-dial telephone.
-equipped with
---means slow down or cause to be late