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Would not it be boring if everything on earth was one color? or if the
only fruit were strawberry? Of course, it would be boring. It is ridiculous to
expect people to be copies of each other when nothing in the world is the
same, but nevertheless, there are still millions of racist people in the world. To
prohibit it, there are several ways including raising children with respect, not
having racist educators, increasing penalties and restrictions against racism.
First of all, you cannot teach an old dog new tricks so we should start
teaching our children to respect other races and thoughts from their infancy.
As in many areas of life, habits and teachings from childhood are important in
this regard. Even if it is not short-term, it will minimize racism in the long run.
The second way is not having a racist instructor in the schools. School is
the second home and teachers are the second family. It is quite possible that
children learn what they do not learn at home from their teachers at school
thus Teachers should be people who teach positive and loving things about it.
Briefly, hiring teachers with an interview on this issue may be a solution to
Lastly, restrictions and penalties must be tightened especially in social
media. As you know after the death of Eric Garner, the man strangled by the
police, millions of people tweeted about it. In addition to hundreds of support
messages, there were hundreds of thousands of people who made fun of this
issue without caring about Garner's relatives. This ruins the tolerance of two
different races. In such cases, heavy sanctions should be applied so that people
cannot share posts that will trigger racism.
There are a lot of ways to reduce racism, but these are the most sensible
ones. Although it is impossible to eliminate for now, at least we can leave a
more loving and respectful world for future generations.