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turkısh food

Turkish Food Culture
O Extraordinary Turkish cuisine The culinary
talents were developed during the 500
years of Ottoman rule. Fresh ingredients
were easy to find. They used a great variety
of fish, poultry, fruits and vegetables and
countless spices.
O At the same time, many people from
different cultures settled in the country, and
this inspired more to cook the interaction
with many different cultures during a long
historical period, new tastes in the palaces
of empires such as Seljuk and Ottoman
Empire played a role in gaining the new
structure of our culinary culture.
O Turkish Cuisine consisting of dishes
prepared with cereals, various vegetables
and a little amount of meat, prepared with
juices, soups, olive oil and pastries and selfgrown herbs; molasses, yogurt, bulgur etc.
has also revealed its distinctive types of
healthy food.
O The way of eating and drinking that contains
differentiating flavors from the region to the
region carries a distinct meaning and even
holiness in special days, celebrations and
ceremonies. Turkish Cuisine has a variety of
dishes and foods, as well as a healthy and
balanced diet and vegetarian cuisine.
Very popular turkish cuisine
Yaprak Sarma
İçli Köfte
Adana Kebap
Let’s come now;
Antalya’s very populer food
is the ‘PİYAZ’
What is Tahinli Piyaz?
O Tahinli Piyaz, also known as Antalya, is a
type of market which belongs to our
province of Antalya. Mostly meat is served
alongside meatballs, but especially Tahinli
Piyaz is known as Piyaz Halls.
O Tahinli piyaz, one of the most popular colds
of Mediterranean cuisine, is a result of the
high quality and abundance of sesame
seeds, especially in Antalya.
O Different types of dry beans are used in
making the difference of tahini market from
other piyaz.
O The tahini-plump, which is the head of the
meatball, is enough for one meal in its own
right, even though it is put in front of a
O The difference from the other markets is
that it is poured over a sauce prepared from
tahini, lemon juice and garlic. The
preparation of this sauce sounds like it is
easy, but it actually requires mastery.