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DDNA ComputerN
DNA stores genetic information in
the organisms.
Store: saklamak, kaydetmek
Dna is special because it stores unlimited
information in a limited space.
Special: özel
Limited: sınırlı
Unlimited: sınırısız
Space:alan, boşluk
Just one milligram of DNA is capable of
storing all the printed material in the world.
Capable of: yetisine sahip
Nowadays, science people are working
on DNA computing.
They have even designed the first prototypes
such as MAYA-II
DNA computing is perfected, computers will become capable of
storing amounts of information.
This is hard in today’s standart.
Perfect: mükemmel,
The usage of nanotechnology in medicine
is endless.
Usage: kullanım
Endless: sonsuz
Science people are working on
nanomolecules to destroy only cancer cells.
Destroy : yok etmek
Cancer cell: kanser hücresi
It makes possible to send the drugs
to specific parts of the body.
Make possible: mümküm kılmak
Send: gödermek
Drug: ilaç
Specicifc part: özel alan (istenilen)
With the help of nanotechnology, microscopic robots will perform
1)ultra-delicate surgeries,
2)repair damaged tissues,
3) hunt down and destroy
certain cells (cancer cells or bacteria)
Surgery: ameliyat
Repair: onarmak
Damaged tissue: zarar görmüş doku
Hunt down: elegeçirmek
Destroy: yok etmek
Nanomedicine is currently in its infancy,
but it may be the biggest breakthrough in modern
medicine since the first vaccine.
Currently: şu anda
İnfancy : başlangıç
Breakthrough: yenilik
Vaccine : aşı